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SOURCED INTERIORS specializes in home staging. As the most successful realtors, developers, and investors will attest, Home Staging is one of the most important components of a winning real estate sales strategy.


Every home has a story to tell.

Without professional staging, prospective buyers and renters are often challenged with envisioning the space as their own. Through our professional staging methodology, we make your property the best version of itself while speaking to a much broader audience. We specialize in staging model homes, vacant homes, occupied homes, and seasonal homes.


We carefully curate every piece of furniture and decor.

To create an inspired space so potential buyers and renters are ready to make an offer once inside your home. Most frequently, buyers and renters request the home as a turn-key property.

Home staging is the secret weapon to achieving top market value for your property. 

We create stimulating spaces that emotionally connect with buyers. SOURCED INTERIORS is results-driven and we strive to have your home sold faster and for top dollar.


Why stage with us?

Our homes frequently sell faster and for higher prices than unstaged homes.

Many homes sell in less than 30 days.

We stage all property types, including models, luxury homes, estates, condos. We workin both occupied and vacant properties.

Your space has a story.

Let SOURCED INTERIORS tell the best version of that story.

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